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 don't dismiss anxiety in children!

Many people subscribe to think the †œniños son resistentes† and can get easy easily with any difficult situation! Sin embargo, a loving father and in question never despediría or discount in children, anxiety and must be prepared to a coordinator of the concerns and even the possibility of your child from an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety in children can take many formas.puede be surplus just nervousness the first day of school, tests, dating, change a her body, and on that of other normal circumstances are a part of growing up. Push simply a fire of or on the one hand this kind of anxiety in children is something cruel and callous, because even adults appreciate when their son concerns taken into account by him © closest sas one of them.  do you think it †"If you treat a presentation you are at work or a result of the test of the physician, you did not want to hear her husband or friends and sympathizers"??Certainly does not come inside should be any different when anxiety in children, even as adults know these things only temporary son.

Has been observed by the psychiatrists many desórdenes anxiety can manifest in teenagers and even join © sos more young people to join it.Uncontainable the page nico and social anxiety disorder can affect anyone at any time, so this kind of anxiety in children may simply be due a or chemical hormonal balances in the brain, no circumstance or of situations of any Maybe due!Sería a mistake to think that there is some kind of unstoppable these root cause, such as a test next, problems with other children, and so sucesivamente.Solamente a doctor can say for sure if this kind of anxiety in children is a disorder or real just a box of nerves, as it was.

If you feel your child has an anxiety disorder, remember to try just to talk with him l or reassure the child may not be bastante.Mientras therapy behaviour or cognitive can help with anxiety in children, this l or she may also © n need Maybe medications also © n.Además, is the best if this type of therapy is conducted by a profesional.Un doctor can certainly limb a how a father he © l or she can help, but he © ste is not the type of problem a parent must take him © l or she can go on their own.

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