Anxiety is a general re-action to stress and it also helps you cope in tense situations(Anxiety Symptoms)

Everyone knows what it feels like to be anxious- you feel butterflies in your stomach your actions become topsy-turvy, you can feel your heart beat very fast, and you are sweating like you are jogging. Those are what you usually feel if you have stage fright and you are required to give speak in public, or during your first time (who knows when was that!). Those, among other feelings (feelings of anxiety) are normal reactions to stress.

Anxiety make you up in action. It helps you deal with a tense condition like focusing on a speech that you are about to give, studying harder for an exam, or staying interesting on your first date to make it to the second, and all that. In general, it makes you cope with all condition that is usually terrifying, mainly if you are doing it the first time. I, for one, have many times been in this kind of situation and I can tell you it is only passing. But, if it more excessive, irrational fear of each day situations, now it has become an immobilizing disorder.

Anxiety disorder can effect you to feel fearfulness and ambiguity that maybe felt briefly only. However few anxiety disorder last at minimum 6 months and tend to get worse if not treated immediately. Anxiety disorders often occur along with other psychological or physical sickness, like alcohol or drug abuse, that can actually worsen the situation.

And if you think you have anxiety disorder, you must seek information about it and find the solution ASAP before it gets into you. So many effective therapies out there and recent research reveals new solutions that can help most people with this condition lead fruitful and fulfilling lives.

As we know, there are five major types of anxiety disorders; social phobia or social anxiety disorder, posttraumatic disorder (PST), panics disorder, general anxiety disorder, specific phobias. Each of the anxiety disorder has multiple symptoms, but all the symptoms come with excessive and irrational fear or dread.

Normal person is usual to feel anxious in certain areas of his/her life, mainly when he/she feels out of control of a situation. Several reasons that anxiety creeps to your life however if it stimulates you to a positive action, then you are handling it the best way.
Stop bothering too much after you have done the best you can on any life situation or responsibility. Just let things be, if things are meant to happen, they will happen. Enjoy life for there are so many reasons to be happy, so why worry?

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